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Loints of Holland shoes are made to last a lifetime. We therefore find the right protection and nutrition very important. This ensures that the shoes last as long as possible. Read here more about our view on sustainability.

All Loints of Holland shoes are made of the highest quality leather. The leather we use can be divided into two categories: Full Grain and Nubuck, both made from the top and strongest part of the hide. Full Grain leather is the original leather whose surface has not been sanded or grinded. Nubuck is Full Grain leather whose surface has been sanded or ground. Within these two categories we have different options at Loints of Holland. Read here more about our materials.


Good protection of the shoes is very important. The open structure of leather makes it easier for dirt and moisture to adhere. If you regularly treat these shoes against the penetration of dirt and moisture, the shoes will retain their authentic appearance and color for longer. When wearing the shoes regularly, it is recommended to treat every two weeks. For optimal protection we recommend the Organic Clean & Care. This spray based on natural ingredients repels dirt and also has a nourishing effect. We also have a Organic Cleaner that dissolves dirt and protects it from drying out.


Leather is supple and soft. Nutrition is very important to maintain these properties. Once the leather has dried out, nutrition is virtually impossible. The original colors will also be retained longer with a good diet. For optimal care and nutrition of the leather, we recommend a Organic Care product


Clean Loints of Holland shoes with a dry or damp cloth. With Nubuck you can remove stains with a special nubuck eraser. Then gently brush the flattened fiber back up with a copper wire brush. For leather and nubuck you can use the Organic Cleaner. This is a cleaning agent that dissolves dirt. The natural bamboo extract also prevents moisture loss and dehydration. If you give your shoes good protection and nutrition, extra cleaning is virtually unnecessary.

Wax nubuck

All Loints of Holland shoes with a greased nubuck or greased leather uppers can be maintained by first cleaning thoroughly with a dry or damp cloth. When the shoes are clean and dry, coat them with a colorless shoe wax.

Color protection

Leather can transfer to your feet under the influence of heat or moisture. This is because it is a natural material. We do not use aggressive dyes that release quickly to prevent this as much as possible and because it is more environmentally friendly.

You can use a color stop to prevent the shoe from staining your clothes.