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Shoes from Loints of Holland are all made of the highest quality leather available. The leather is bought at a German leather tannery. This leather tannery has a very energy efficient and durable production process and has won many prices with their focus on environmental protection and social responsibility.

The leather we use for Loints of Holland shoes can be divided into two categories: Full Grain and Nubuck, both made from the top and strongest part of the hide. Full Grain leather is the original leather whose surface has not been sanded or grinded. Nubuck is Full Grain leather whose surface has been sanded or ground. Within these two categories we have different options at Loints of Holland.






Nubuck is a top grain leather. The leather has been buffed and sanded to provide this consistent appearance. Nubuck has a velvety-soft texture look and a smooth and velvety feel due to this treatment. The feeling is similar to suede but it’s more durable because it is made of the top grain layer. We offer different variations on Nubuck leather to create the perfect look.


Pull up is a finishing technique for any type of leather. At Loints of Holland we use nubuck leather. The pull up finishing technique gives a waxy finish. This makes the Nubuck extremely lively and gives the shoe a rugged and sturdy two-tone appearance. The beauty of this leather is that it looks aged.



Waxed nubuck has a soft and sturdy appearance. It is made of nubuck leather to which a waxy finish is applied. Therefore the look is more smooth and clean.



Rona soft is a structured nubuck with a soft feel. This type of leather is in great demand because of the luxurious appearance. The soft leather looks really elegant and chic.



Spirit nubuck leather is the same leather as rona soft but thinner. This thin and very flexible nubuck gives lined shoes a luxurious appearance and a soft feel.



Full grain leather

Full Grain leather is also made from the upper, strong part of the hide. The surface is not sanded and therefore shows all the natural properties of leather. This gives the leather a very natural and lively appearance. As it ages, the leather may develop a small color change over time and this is considered a very desirable characteristic of leather. It's a sign that not much paint has been applied to it. Because each skin is unique with different blemishes and markings, each shoe made from Full Grain leather is unique.


Portland is grained leather that has a lively and sturdy appearance. This leather is in great demand because of its flexibility and because it is easy to maintain.



Kentucky leather has a waxy finish to create a luxurious and rugged look. The flexibility and softness of Kentucky leather provides a very comfortable feeling.



This leather with a matt finish offers a very soft and natural look and feel for both lined and unlined shoes and boots. It is threated so the leather is very flexible and soft .



Nappa soft is a full grain leather that is a bit thinner than other full grain leathers. It is a very smooth and soft leather mainly used for lined shoes and decoration parts.