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Our footbeds

One of the most important features of a Loints shoe is its comfort and to create this, a good footbed is very important. When putting together our footbeds, we always look at how we can ensure that they provide optimal support in your Loints of Holland shoes.

Types of footbeds

Within Loints, we work with two types of footbeds. We use different footbeds for our sandals than for the rest of our shoes. For sandals (open shoes) it is even more important to have a good supporting footbed because the support cannot be given by the upper leather, but with closed shoes this is the case. 

Furthermore, there is also a difference in the leather we use for our footbeds. We use vegetable tanned leather because it reduces the risk of allergies. The tanning process for this leather consists mainly of natural substances and therefore it is chromium-free. The second type is chromium tanned leather, which is known for its long durability and also remains very supple.  

The structure

Our footbeds consist of the following four materials: jute, cork, leather and latex foam. All of these materials complement each other to create the perfect footbed. For example, cork provides support for the foot and an example of this is the heel pit at the back of the footbed. Cork is also very lightweight and the material is known to be very environmentally friendly. The cork is held in place by jute threads and this together makes for a strong combination. 

In the footbeds of our sandals, each sandal may differ in terms of what type of cork was used. For example, we use cork with latex foam and cork with PU (polyurethane). 

The latex foam used in the footbeds provides the cushioning. This makes the shoes run a lot nicer and cushions the blow to your joints.  The latex foam also ensures that the footbed adapts perfectly to the shape of your foot. This will also immediately make the shoe feel a lot more comfortable. Finally, there is the leather and this ensures a good moisture regulation in the shoe. 

Besides the comfort, it is also important that the footbed breathes. The leather and cork ensure that our footbeds absorb moisture and then release it when the shoe is taken off. In this way, moisture does not pose a problem in the shoe, and should you still want the shoe to air out or dry, we recommend that you take the footbed out.

All the materials we use are tested for durability. This is because we find it very important that our products originate sustainably. 

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