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Our vision on sustainability


Since 1918, Loints of Holland's top priority has been that the design and production process of our shoes be efficient and sustainable. The overarching

goal is that we want to be fully circular in our production and supply chain. We and our suppliers will make every effort to achieve this goal.



Sustainable design

We create timeless products that will not go out of style easily and are durable so they can last a lifetime. We have developed our own design language that consists of as few unnecessary details and lining as possible. This way we keep the use of different materials low because it saves a lot of energy and materials. 

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Sustainable production

We respect the materials we work with, where they come from and how they are produced. The most valuable and iconic material of a Loints shoe is the leather. With the use of our leather, efficiency is very important and we make every effort to minimize cutting waste. We strive to reuse and recycle as much as possible.

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Ethical working condition

All our shoes are manufactured in our own factory in Hungary. We have full control and responsibility over working conditions, working hours and safety of the environment. Our employees are everything to us and we give them the respect they deserve. They work normal hours and there will never be coercion. We have good oversight of this because it is our own factory.

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Sustainable supply chain

What would it be like if we worked with suppliers who had no regard for the environment? We think the chances of you ordering shoes from us would be a lot lower. That's why we only work with suppliers from Europe to ensure the quality of our products. We expect every supplier we work with to at least use renewable energy sources, recycle their waste and keep the use of water and chemicals low.

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Sustainable materials

When we source materials, we look for materials that possess properties that have little to no impact on the environment. In addition, we want the material to be strong enough so that our final product can last a long time. For example, we choose natural rubber and LWG Gold-certified Terracare leather. Terracare leather comes from leather factory Heinen in Germany, they produce leather without PCP, benzidine and use 40% less water than regular tanneries.  

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Sustainable Shopping

Imagine you have to choose between shopping online or still going to a physical store, which would you choose? Experiencing a product is the main reason for many people to go to a physical store. They want to know what something actually looks like and see if it fits them comfortably. For people who choose to shop online, convenience plays a major role. After all, shopping online is always possible, it saves travel costs and it is easy to compare products and prices. There are also other advantages of online shopping when you consider the environment.

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