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Sustainable materials

When we source materials, we look for materials that have properties that have little to no impact on the environment. In addition, we want the material to be strong enough so that our final product can last a long time. For example, we choose natural rubber and LWG Gold-certified Terracare leather. Terracare leather comes from Lederfabrik Heinen in Germany, they produce leather without PCP, benzidine and use 40% less water than regular tanneries.  

Our leathers

Did you know that all Loints of Holland shoes are made from the highest quality leather? This leather is produced by a highly energy efficient and sustainable tannery from Germany. We distinguish two types of leather: Full Grain and Nubuck. Both of these are made from the upper and strongest part of the hide. Full Grain leather is the original leather whose surface has not been processed. Nubuck is Full Grain leather whose surface has been sanded or ground. Within these two categories, we have several options for you at Loints of Holland. All of these options are detailed in the tables below. 



Pull-up Nubuck

Wax Nubuck

Rona Soft

Spirit Nubuck

Long lifespan
Extremely lively    
Sturdy look
Luxurious look 
Luxurious look    
Feels soft    
Tough & firm
Feels soft    
Feels soft    
Feels soft    
Smoother & tighter than normal Nubuck    
Elegant & chic    
Very flexible
  Aged look                  

Nappa Soft



Duck Matt

Very smooth
Vibrant & tough    
Waxy finish    
Matt finish    
Slightly thinner leather Flexible
Feels soft    
Easy to maintain
Luxurious and tough look    
Natural look    
    Feels soft    
Feels soft      
    Very comfortable