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Sustainable supply chain

What would it be like if we worked with suppliers who had no regard for the environment? We think the chances of you ordering shoes from us would be a lot lower. That's why we only work with suppliers from Europe to ensure the quality of our products. We expect every supplier we work with to at least use renewable energy sources, recycle their waste and keep the use of water and chemicals low. 


A good example of this is our leather supplier Heinen. With their 'Terracare' leather, they generate 30% less CO2 emissions during production than the industry average. Terracare® reuses 97% of the by-products generated during the production process. In addition, more than 40% less water is used in production than is the industry standard. Every liter is cleaned using state-of-the-art technology and returned to the natural water cycle. In addition, Heinen holds multiple sustainability certifications and also holds the Gold label with the Leather Working Group. 


Another example is one of our sole suppliers, 'Analco'. For our insoles, Analco uses sustainable and traceable cork. Thanks to FSC certification, they can guarantee the origin and traceability of the cork. In addition, Analco is constantly looking to replace chloride solvents and replace animal oils with vegetable oils. Like many suppliers, Analco is also working to reuse as much waste as possible for future productions. 

Repair service

In addition to our suppliers, we ourselves are also working hard to become more sustainable. We try to give our shoes a new life after use and thus reduce waste. Many shoes that come back to us with minor damages can in many cases be completely repaired and used again.

Furthermore, we offer you the possibility of sending shoes to us for repair. The shoes can be sent directly to our circular center and after the repair they are also sent directly back to you. It is important to us that there are as few links between us as possible in order to minimize emissions from transportation. More information about our repair service can be found on the product page.

Full service repair

We like to work with suppliers and transporters who share our sustainability mindset to ensure a sustainable supply chain. So you can be sure that when you order shoes from us, the entire ordering process will be sustainable.