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The power of leather

The most valuable and iconic material of a Loints of Holland shoe is the leather. For many years, we have worked with a German tannery to ensure that we can offer quality shoes that completely meet our customers' expectations. 

All Loints of Holland shoes are produced in a sustainable way and made from the highest quality Terracare leather. This ensures that the shoes last for years and are very comfortable. Furthermore, we find it important that our shoes manage to convey the authentic feeling to our customers so that they are always satisfied with their shoes. 

Vegan leather

In recent years there have been many developments in the field of leather and especially the emergence of vegan leather. Vegan leather consists of leather substitute materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU), or plastic. There is also vegan leather which consists of plant fibers derived from products such as pineapple, coconut, cork and mushrooms. Plastic is also added to these products to eventually arrive at vegan leather. 

Plastic remains a plastic that requires fossil fuels and chemicals to make and process it. This causes additional greenhouse gases to be released into the air, polluting nature. Moreover, it does not decompose and is difficult to recycle. So it is not that vegan leather is better for the environment because it can contain natural ingredients.

The future

At Loints of Holland, we consciously choose to continue working with real leather, as we find real leather much better quality than vegan leather. It can be repaired more easily and it is completely biodegradable. Real leather shoes also breathe more than shoes made from vegan leather. This allows heat to dissipate from the shoe a lot easier, which reduces the chance of sweaty feet.

Loints of Holland's shoes stem from the following core values: comfort, design, sustainability and innovation. The use of leather is completely in line with these four concepts, which is why we will not switch to the use of other materials in the production of our shoes for the time being.

De schoenen van Loints of Holland komen voort uit de volgende kernwaarden: comfort, design, duurzaamheid en innovatie. Het gebruik van leer sluit volledig aan bij deze vier begrippen en daarom zullen wij voorlopig niet overgaan op het gebruik van andere materialen bij het produceren van onze schoenen.