Leather shoes with or without a colored lining can release to your feet under the influence of heat or moisture. This is not a quality defect. It is the nature of leather as a material to release and occasionally show irregularities. This is proof that it is a natural material. In addition, to be as environmentally friendly as possible, we use less aggressive dyes that release faster. Your shoe retailer has maintenance resources for this (such as color stop).


Nubuck looks like suede, but it isn't. It is leather that is lightly sanded, creating a velvety appearance. Nubuck is thicker and stronger than suede and is therefore used more often for the production of shoes. Suede is made from the inside of leather. This makes it more vulnerable and less durable, but softer than regular leather. Suede has a brushed structure and looks like fabric, which makes it suitable for the manufacture of clothing and shoes.


The open structure of nubuck and suede makes it easier to attach for dirt and moisture. Good protection is very important. If you regularly treat these shoes against the penetration of dirt and moisture, the shoes will retain their authentic appearance and color for longer. When wearing the shoes regularly, it is recommended to treat every two weeks. For optimum protection we recommend a Suede / Nubuck Protector against dirt and water.


As discussed earlier, the material from which these shoes are made has an open structure. The leather is smooth and soft. Nutrition is very important to maintain these properties. Once the leather has dried out, it is virtually impossible to feed. The original colors will also be retained longer with proper nutrition.


You first clean the Loints of Holland shoes with a suede / nubuck upper with a dry or damp cloth (there is a special nubuck eraser to remove stains). If they are clean and dry, carefully brush the flattened fiber back with, for example, a copper wire brush. You can now use a nubuck spray cleaner (colorless or in the color of the material) that impregnates and maintains. If you give your shoes good protection and nutrition, extra cleaning is practically unnecessary.

Wax nubuck

You can maintain all Loints of Holland shoes with a wax nubuck or wax leather upper by first cleaning them thoroughly with a dry or damp cloth. If the shoes are clean and dry, lubricate them with a colorless shoe wax. You will enjoy the shoes most when you wear them every other day, so that the leather can lose its perspiration (approx. 20-40 ml per day).