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Comfortable shoes

A Loints shoe has many different characteristics and comfort is definitely one of them. Indeed, in addition to the design of shoe, it is also hugely important to have comfortable shoes that will last for years. Our craftsmen work every day to design and make shoes with the perfect fit, which consist of supple leather, flexible soles and springy footbeds. We do everything we can to provide you with optimal walking comfort.

The fit

A comfortable shoe fits the foot perfectly, so it is important that both the length size, and the width size are correct. In our assortment we offer the smallest size 35 and the largest size is 47. In addition to these lengths, there are three widths: narrow, medium and wide. Our collection consists of different groups and for each group the width is different but by offering different options we hope that it is possible for you to find a shoe with the right fit. To determine the right length of your foot, we have a size chart on our website especially for you. 


All Loints of Holland shoes are made of the very highest leather quality. All the leathers we use for our shoes are supple and flexible. In addition, the leather adapts to the shape of the foot. Once you have bought a pair of Loints shoes for the first time, you will quickly notice that they really fit like a glove. Leather is not considered one of the most suitable materials for shoes for nothing. 


In our collection of shoes, there is a lot of difference between the types of outsoles we use. For example, we have EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) soles, TR (thermoplastic rubber) soles, 60% natural rubber soles and recycled cork soles, among others. All these types of outsoles have different properties and thus offer different types of comfort. By using many different outsoles, we are sure to have something for you.

Removable footbed

For people with orthotics, we have several shoes in our collection with a removable footbed. In a shoe with a removable footbed, you can remove the original sole from the shoe, creating more space for your own orthotic. That way, the shoe remains comfortable to the touch and the foot is not too tight because of the reduced space. If a shoe is too tight on the foot, it can potentially cause physical complaints and faster wear of the shoe. Our shoes therefore offer you the optimal comfort and ensure that you can enjoy your shoes without any worries.