Loints of Holland is a natural shoe brand, designed in the Netherlands, produced in Europe and started in 1918. As strong advocates of a natural lifestyle, we design shoes that symbolize endless wearing comfort. Good for your body and the planet.

The adventure began in 1918 in the Netherlands. Loints of Holland was born when Cornelis Klijsen opened his own workshop in Kaatsheuvel. There, in a modest shed, he began a journey that would embody comfort, whimsy and durability. From the very beginning, at Loints of Holland we opted for a natural fit and the very best use of high-quality materials. These values ​​were passed on with dedication, from generation to generation of Klijsen. The craft, which is lovingly practiced, is and remains the core of our identity. We have always longed for the unknown, for what had not yet been discovered. By continuing to experiment with anatomy, new production methods and the highest quality materials, we have taken a unique path. Less waste, more lifespan. This has led to our characteristic, idiosyncratic design. Today, the fifth generation – Johan, Ronald and their father Erik Klijsen – are taking the helm. Rooted in our homeland, we remain true to our origins. Although our workshop is now elsewhere, our passion has remained unchanged. The essence of Loints of Holland, which originated in Kaatsheuvel, still guides us. With a global online presence, we are at the forefront of the world of ethically and sustainably produced shoes. Our journey is one of enduring discovery, of subdued pride, and of a constant search for the best. Step inside Loints of Holland, where hapiness is created in everyday walks.


A natural shoe is a comfortable shoe. With over 100 years of experience in designing and producing comfortable shoes, our professionals take on the daily challenge to perfectly merge a natural fit. Loints shoes are characteristic because of their foot-shaped shoes which ensures optimal walking comfort.

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At the Loints of Holland head office in Sprang-Capelle, the Netherlands, we work with great care and attention to develop our collections. All the time and energy that goes into this results in a typical Loints of Holland signature that has been recognizable for many years: pure & simple.


Loints of Holland shoes are sustainable in origin and use, carefully developed and responsibly produced.
Since the 1960s, we have been at the forefront of sustainable shoe fashion. It is in our company DNA to continue our sustainable journey into the future. Our Leder partner has terracare®-leather, which is produced as environmentally friendly: thanks to a minimal consumption of resources, transparent origin of raw materials and an optimal recycling rate.

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