Our vision on sustainability

The starting point for the development of natural shoes is purity and simplicity. Therefore our priority has been that the design and production process of your shoes are sustainable. The overarching goal is that we want to be fully circular in our production and supply chain.
We and our suppliers will make every effort to achieve this goal.

All of the United Nations member states adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in 2015.
The goals are aimed at achieving a sustainable world for everyone by 2030, with no one left behind.
Loints of Holland contributes to the SDG's to walk the path to progress together.

  • Sustainable design

    SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production.
    Circularity has long been a high priority for Loints of Holland. On the R ladder (circularity strategies), Loints of Holland scores particularly well on the high rungs. This has to do with the timeless design, the quality of the raw materials, the long
    lifespan and the repairability of the shoes.

    SDG 13: Climate action
    The main priority in terms of energy savings is to design and produce in such a
    way that as little energy as possible is used. This source approach ensures
    that the footprint of the shoes is as small as possible. Reducing CO2 emissions
    from transport is also very important in the supply chain. This is at least as
    important for a sustainable product as the production process itself.

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  • Sustainable supply chain

    SDG 17: Partnership to achieve goals.
    Loints of Holland has permanent partners as suppliers, both for
    raw materials and the supply chain. When choosing suppliers, sustainability and reliability are always the starting point in order to enter into long-term partnerships.

    When Loints of Holland sources materials, we look for materials that possess properties that have little to no impact on the environment. In
    addition, we want the material to be strong enough so that our final product can last a long time. For example, we choose natural rubber and LWG Gold-certified Terracare leather. Terracare leather comes from our leather
    supplier in Germany, they produce leather without PCP, benzidine and use 40%
    less water than regular tanneries.  

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