Ethical working conditions

We believe that the best quality shoes begin with respect for people and the environment. Our identity and reputation is based on strong values and a clear mission. With "create happiness in everyday walks," we are looking for the purest and fairest way to realize our product in every area of business. What we mean here is not only good comfort and the smallest possible ecological footprint, but also an honest and good relationship with our suppliers and employees. In our opinion, this creates "happiness" in all aspects.

Our shoes are not produced by subcontractors. We have our own factory in Hungary and are therefore responsible for all employees who manufacture our shoes. Therefore, we value our craftsmen, they are largely responsible for our good quality shoes. We give them the respect they deserve and offer them good working conditions according to EU legislation and better. We are guided by the 8 principles of the Fair Wear Foundation and in some cases even better. Below are our 8 principles.

  1. Employment is freely chosen
    No forced labor, or forced work is used.
  2. Freedom of labor association and the right to collective bargaining.
    All workers have the right to form or join unions and bargain together.
  3. There is no discrimination at work
    Recruitment and employment relationship is based on equal opportunity regardless of race, color, sex, religion, political affiliation, nationality, social origin, defects or disabilities.
  4. No exploitation of child labor
    The average age in the factory is 32 and we make absolutely no use of child labor. The minimum should not be lower than the age of completion of compulsory education and in any case not lower than 16.
  5. Living wage payment
    Wages and benefits paid for a standard work week meet at least minimum legal standards and are always sufficient to meet the basic needs of workers and their.
  6. Reasonable working hours
    Working hours comply with national laws and industry standards. Overtime is voluntary, may not exceed 12 hours per week, will not be required on a regular basis, and will always be compensated at a premium.
  7. Safe and healthy working conditions
    We offer our employees a regular employment relationship based on labor and social security laws and regulations.
  8. Legally binding employment relationship
    We offer our employees a regular employment relationship based on labor and social security laws and regulations.

In addition, we only work with European suppliers who respect the rights of their employees and workers throughout the supply chain. Working with suppliers in both Southern and Eastern Europe, gives us confidence that EU laws and working conditions are met. We know that they ensure that their workers are treated fairly, safely and healthily.