Design since 1918

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Our collections are full of vibrant colors and beautiful, innovative shapes to give your wardrobe a unique twist. We want to share our creative family values, which are there for a 100 years of history!
From a small shoe factory to an internationally renowned shoe brand: Loints of Holland is a family business.

For many years the Dutch family Klijsen has been transmitting the company from father to son, as well as the ancestral know-how of the manufacture of the Loints of Holland shoes. It all started in 1918 when Cornelis Klijsen started as an independent shoemaker. He opened his workshop in a small shed behind his house in Kaatsheuvel and specialized in comfortable shoes.

To this day, Loints of Holland is located in the same region in Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands and wearing comfort is still one of the most important values of the brand.

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What followed was a century of Klijsen generations who grew up in the workshop as children, eventually taking over from their father and together bringing the company where it is today.

The small workshop turned into a factory when Hendrikus Klijsen (2nd generation) started to focus more on serial production. In the generation that followed, Kees, Henk and Jan Klijsen developed the special design style Loints of Holland is still known for today. They also added a third core value: sustainability in production and use. Generation 4, Erik Klijsen and Vincent Kriek, started with the successful export abroad, with the result that Loints of Holland currently exports to more than 20 countries around the world!

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Now it is the turn of the 5th generation of Klijsen brothers. Johan and Ronald joined the company in 2018 and together with their father Erik they form the management of Loints of Holland. This again brings fresh energy to the organization and ensures that Loints of Holland can continue to develop.

For example, Johan and Ronald have bundled the three core values that Loints of Holland has defined over the past 100 years (comfort, design and sustainability) into one clear, new ambition: Create happiness in everyday walks. Loints of Holland makes you happy by taking care of your body through perfect wearing comfort, by letting you enjoy special design and by making you aware of your personal ecological footprint on the earth. This is how we make a difference, as a company and as a shoe brand.