Sustainable shopping

Imagine you have to choose between shopping online or still going to a physical store, which would you choose? Experiencing a product is the main reason for many people to go to a physical store. They want to know what something actually looks like and see if it fits them comfortably. For people who choose to shop online, convenience plays a major role. After all, shopping online is always possible, it saves travel costs and it is easy to compare products and prices. There are also other advantages of online shopping when you look at the environment.


Online shopping reduces greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane. Research shows that, on average, online shopping has a smaller carbon footprint (between 1.5 and 2.9 times fewer greenhouse gas emissions overall) than shopping in physical stores. These emissions come from the production and transportation of all the products we buy. Have you ever thought about this when you were looking for a new pair of shoes?    

As an online store we work with several companies such as DPD, DHL and PostNL and they are responsible for delivering and collecting the packages you order from us. All of these companies are trying to make sure that they can deliver emission-free in the future, which of course we can only applaud. We think it is important that we cooperate with companies that also want to contribute to the environment and sustainability.


As Loints of Holland we try to contribute in every possible way to a circular economy. We keep thinking creatively to make our offer for you as complete as possible, with as little waste as possible. We are working hard on a webpage full of refurbished shoes and we also offer you the possibility to have your Loints shoes repaired by us. This way your shoes can be reused and less shoes are thrown away. Furthermore, this also means that less footwear has to be produced and therefore we reduce the number of trips before a product reaches you.

You will surely ask yourself whether repaired/refurbished shoes are of the same quality as a new pair of shoes and we can assure you that they are. In fact, our shoes are given a second life and therefore they will last for years! We will share more information about this soon.