Sustainable Development Goals

Loints of Holland designs, produces and sells shoes with a timeless design. Loints of Holland is a leader, especially in the field of circularity. 'Taking care' - is one of the company's principles.

'The Green Plume' Award

During the audit visit of 'The Green Plume' Award, the following initiatives stood out:
Sustainability and innovation have long been firmly rooted at Loints of Holland. The company is making a positive impact in the area of ​​the four SDGs mentioned.

Goal 8: Fair work and economic growth
The employees go above and beyond; they get the respect they deserve. Loints of Holland offers its employees good working conditions in accordance with EU legislation and better. They are guided by the eight principles of the Fair Wear Foundation and sometimes go a step further. Loints of Holland gives young people the opportunity to develop at the company. It is a recognized training company through SBB. Although there is a small workforce in Sprang-Capelle, there are three interns who can gain practical experience here.

Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production
Circularity has long been a high priority for Loints of Holland. On the R ladder (circularity strategies), Loints of Holland scores particularly well on the high rungs. These are normally the most challenging for companies. This has to do with the timeless design, the quality of the raw materials, the long lifespan and the repairability of the shoes.

Goal 13: Climate action
The main priority in terms of energy savings is to design and produce in such a way that as little energy as possible is used. This source approach ensures that the footprint of the shoes is as small as possible. Reducing CO2 emissions from transport is also very important in the supply chain. This is at least as important for a sustainable product as the production process itself.

Goal 17: Partnership to achieve goals. Loints of Holland has permanent partners as suppliers, both for raw materials and the supply chain. When choosing suppliers, sustainability and reliability are always the starting point in order to enter into long-term partnerships. Loints of Holland is a partner of the annual supra-regional cultural event 'The Halve Zolen Festival. The company also works closely with Midpoint in the Circulair Center Leather Shoes.

Conclusion: Loints of Holland is a leader, especially in the field of circularity. 'Taking care' is also one of the company's principles. The accreditation committee is very positive about the ambition that the company has and the steps that have been taken to date.